ReflectaShed Plus™ Reflective Insulation – 1.50m x 30m Rolls

$346.82 per roll (incl GST)

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Reflecta Shed Plus™ is an Australian made product with thermo-cellular reflective material. Reflecta Shed Plus™ is Australian standards compliant and suitable for use in class 10a and 10b buildings (non-habitable structures). This brand new, high performance and very economical product is ideally suited for sheds, and other applications that do not require compliance to the Building Code of Australia specifications.

The Reflecta Shed Plus™ has two external aluminium foil surfaces, including an upper aluminium foil surface treated with an anti-glare coating membrane. The thin thermo-cellular core assists in ensuring a visually pleasing result when using thin wall materials.

  • Available in wide 1.5 x 30m Rolls (45m2) 15kg roll weight
  • 4mm thick
  • An Aussie icon for non-habitable buildings
  • Ideal for Shed, Man caves, Kids cubby house, and Non-habitable buildings
  • High Performing R-value
  • Class 2 Vapour Barrier
  • Thermo-cellular core
  • 8% extra coverage commercially compared to foil faced glasswool

For more information,  click here to download the technical data sheet

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