Sisalation® Foam Cell Multipurpose – 1.35m x 22.25m Rolls

$504.90 per roll (incl GST)

Suitable for installation under metal roof or wall cladding in residential or commercial.

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Sisalation® Foam Cell Multipurpose is a 3-in-1 multipurpose sarking solution. It is an extra heavy-duty sarking material consisting of a cross linked, closed cell foam core laminated between layers of reflective foil, with an anti-glare coating on one layer for installation safety. Sisalation® Foam Cell Multipurpose can reduce up to 95% of the sun’s radiant heat, minimises the risk of condensation and act as an effective water and vapour barrier when installed according to AS/NZS 4200.2. The reflective face should be installed facing in and have a minimum air gap of 20mm to maximise thermal performance.

  • Available in 1.35m x 22.25m Rolls 30m2
  • 8.4mm thick
  • Extra Heavy Duty rating; Offers maximum strength, durability and increased tear resistance
  • Material R Value of R0.2; Suitable as a thermal break in steel framed construction in accordance with NCC requirements.
  • Reflects up to 95% radiant heat; Allows for cooler internal conditions in hot, humid climates and minimises the risk of condensation
  • Anti glare coating on one side reduces the level of glare during product installation providing additional safety
  • Reflective 150mm foil overlap maximises coverage, reduces waste and provides cost savings. Minimises the need to tape joints and allows for sealed edge protection which improves aesthetics in exposed applications
  • Closed cell foam core Fibre free and non-allergenic Insulation
  • BAL Compliant; peace of mind that Sisalation® Foam Cell Multipurpose meets AS 3959 requirements
  • Suitable for commercial and residential buildings, ideal for a broad range of applications
  • Group 2 Fire Rating Suitable for use as an exposed wall or ceiling lining in many applications

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