300mm Whirlybird Rotary Ventilator Mill Finish

$113.83 each (incl GST)

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A wind driven roof ventilator system that is effective all year-round, removing super hot or moisture laden air from roof cavities and replacing it with fresh outside air. Greatly improves the interior comfort of your home.

  • Light, strong and durable construction
  • Free flow 300mm throat
  • Twin bearings with stainless steel balls
  • Variable pitch base, 0 to 45º
  • Suits tiled or metal roofs
  • Provides natural ventilation powered by the wind, no electrical connection or ducting required
  • Maintenance free operation, relax and enjoy the benefits of cooler evenings and more comfortable living

How many Whirlybirds do I need?

– One ventilator effectively ventilates the roof space of an average sized home but for greater satisfaction allow two (2) for homes 160 – 180 square metres, and three (3) for homes 220 – 270 square metres.

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