Versatile Rafter Bracket for Stramit® Fascia

$1.65 each (incl GST)

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The Stramit® Versatile Rafter Bracket is engineered to adapt to all fascia and barge applications including no-eaves, high-wind, barge over wall lining, structural fascia, slide-fix, hang-fix, timber rafters and steel trusses.

The bracket is fully compatible with Stramit® Fascia, to determine quantity, one Versatile Rafter Bracket is required for every truss.

A pre-punched bend line provides a fold position for barge applications, even where wall lining is used. The full-depth stiffening rib, in combination with the sculpted profile, provides clearance for use in zero-eaves applications, withou the need for cutting or separate components.

Tabs have been provided for abutment against the rear face of the Strami fascia. The tabs can be used to fasten the fascia with rivets for extreme wind applications. Additionally attaching fascia with one rivet at the upper tab (where it is hidden behind the gutter) will fulfil the structural fascia provision for timber design. However, in most instances fastening is not needed for structural fascia provision.

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