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Stramit® Gutter Spacer for Gutter Overflow

$0.52 each (incl GST)

The Stramit® Gutter Spacer is an overflow companion suitable only for use with the Stramit® Fascia and Gutter range that provides a continuous overflow space behind the gutter when installed. When ordering and cutting gutter, remember to allow for small changes to gutter length due to the presence of a gap.

The Stramit® Gutter Spacer provides adequate space for an overflow volume of 1.2L/s/m.

The National Construction Code 2016 Part 2 stipulates that gutter systems when installed on residential buildings should be capable of removing a given volume of water overflow. Numerous means of achieving this objective are given in the NCC Volume 2 Part 3.5.2.

Stramit® Gutter Spacers should be installed alongside Snap Clips and the gutter’s proprietary Stiffener Brackets for support at spacings no further than the below for Stramit® Gutters:

  • Stramit® Quad 115mm: 1200mm spacings
  • Stramit® Quad 125mm: 1000mm spacings
  • Stramit® Quad 150mm: 1000mm spacings
  • Stramit® Quad 175mm: 900mm spacings
  • Stramit® M Pattern Gutter: 1200mm spacings
  • Stramit® Easiflow Gutter: 1200mm spacings
  • Stramit® Queenslander Quad: 1200mm spacings
  • Stramit® 150 Flatback Half Round: 900mm spacings

For more information:

– Click here to see the Stramit® Gutter Spacer Installation Procedures

– Click here to see the Stramit Rainwater Products Technical Manual

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