Stramit FarLap® Roof Lap Joint for Speed Deck Ultra® (700mm piece)

$36.98 per 700mm piece (1x sheet cover) (incl GST)

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The Stramit FarLap® roof lap joint is a revolutionary patented system that changes the way long run roof decking is designed and installed. It provides a multiple sheet option for long length concealed fixed roofing projects that eliminates traditional step joints or the need for long on-site rolled sheets, without compromising the integrity of the roofing structure.

Designed specifically for Stramit Speed Deck Ultra® concealed fixed decking, the Stramit FarLap® roof lap joint system allows the installation of lapped sheets on standard purlin framing, without the need for conventional stepped jointing. The system provides a combination of a strong joint and a weather-resisting seal between lapped sheets.

  • Available in 700mm pieces (1x Speed Deck Ultra® sheet coverage) or 7m rolls (suitable for 10x Speed Deck Ultra® sheet coverage)
  • Suits Stramit’s Speed Deck Ultra® cladding profile for roof slopes as low as 1 degree.
  • Independently weather tested
  • Fast and reliable installation
  • No need for stepped expansion joint in structure, can be installed at any support member along the roof run
  • Preserve normal roofing warranty

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