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Stramit BAT® Clip Gutter Overflow Spacer

$2.66 each (incl GST)

The Stramit BAT® Clip overflow spacer is an alternative installation method to the Stramit® fascia and gutter range that provides a 10mm continuous overflow space behind the gutter when installed with the appropriate gutter stiffener bracket. When ordering and cutting gutter, remember to allow for small changes to gutter length due to the presence of a gap.

The Stramit® BAT® Clip overflow spacer provides adequate space for an overflow volume of 1.5L/s/m.

The National Construction Code 2016 Part 2 stipulates that gutter systems when installed on residential buildings should be capable of removing a given volume of water overflow. Numerous means of achieving this objective are given in the NCC Volume 2 Part 3.5.2.

Stramit® BAT® Clips should be installed alongside the gutter’s proprietary Stiffener Brackets for support at spacings no further than the below for Stramit® Gutters:

  • Stramit® Quad 125mm: 1000mm spacings
  • Stramit® Quad 150mm: 1000mm spacings
  • Stramit® Quad 175mm: 900mm spacings
  • Stramit® M Pattern Gutter: 1200mm spacings
  • Stramit® Easiflow Gutter: 1200mm spacings
  • Stramit® Queenslander Quad: 1200mm spacings
  • Stramit® 150 Flatback Half Round: 900mm spacings

For more information, Click here to see the Stramit® Rainwater Products Technical Manual

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