Reflecta-Guard Plus™ Reflective Insulation – 1.5m x 20m Rolls

$378.37 per roll (incl GST)

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Reflecta-Guard Plus™ is a premium reflective insulation that will ensure sustained comfort and performance with its heat laminated, air bubble core providing an exceptional barrier against conductive heat, humidity, water and vapour penetration. This premium product offers 1. GI Building Sciences highest “R” values,  2. Thermal break & 3. Acoustic performance beyond many specialised acoustic insulations. 10mm thick, Reflecta-Guard Plus™ is a favourite for luxury homes, & workplaces needing superior comfort & protection from noise (E.G. Rain, road or aircraft).

  • Available in wide 1.5 x 2om Rolls (30m2) 13.2kg roll weight
  • 10mm – 12mm thick
  • True thermal break with acoustic performance
  • Tested fall arrest and insulation material suitable for low rise construction
  • Structure enables it and other cellular materials to be easily installed
  • Fully recyclable
  • Better insulator for noise than foam or glasswool
  • A fibre-free alternative, requires no proprietary fixings or PPE
Residential Roof3.91.4
Commercial Roof3.91.4

For more information,  click here to download the technical data sheet

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