AutoTeks® 12-14 x 39mm (For crest fixing to steel between 1mm and 3.5mm thick) – Box of 1000 Unpainted

$175.04 per 1000 (incl GST)

Note: 12-14 x 55mm Metal Teks® pictured, 39mm AutoTeks® picture Unavailable.

Commonly used for fixing Stramit® Corrugated roofs into steel substrates between 1mm and 3.5mm thick.

Buildex® 12-14 AutoTeks® Hex Head Higrip® with Seal are suitable for fixing metal roofing to steel between 1mm and 3.5mm thick.

  • Fast and Easy application into steel with Teks® head.
  • High pull-out strength
  • Climaseal® 4 corrosion protection
  • Under-roof Corrosion Protection with Shankguard® feature* which prevents the scratching and scouring of the fastener shank that can happen during installation
  • Higrip® feature* grips to the roof sheeting to create a positive join preventing water entry and over drilling. It also stops the roof sheet moving down the shank when the roof is walked on.

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