40mm .55BMT Roof Batten TRUECORE® (QLD) – 6.5M Lengths

$22.30 per 6.5m length (incl GST)

The most popular and commonly suitable metal roof batten on the market.

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A tried and tested alternative to timber, Stramit’s Roof Battens are strong, lightweight and won’t buckle or warp.

  • Available in 6.5m lengths
  • 0.55mm base metal thickness (BMT)
  • Durable, rot free and fire resistant
  • Knurled anti-slip surfaces on roof and ceiling battens for quick and easy installation
  • Rolled safety edges on roof and ceiling battens
  • Easy to handle and store
  • Produced from high-tensile G500/G550 steel with a galvanised/zinc-aluminium alloy coating conforming to AS1397
  • May be used with either metal sheeting or with concrete/terracotta tiles

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